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Cryptic Cities Launches in Sydney

Cryptic Cities launches with the first 5 Trails across Sydney.

Cryptic Cities is a modern day, text message based treasure hunt, which leads you on a trail of cryptic clues around the city.

You can play individually, as a couple, as a group, or compete against another team.

Check out our special Trail for children which is also pram friendly.


How to play

In order to play, simply select your Trail and enter your details online.  You will receive a welcome email and text instantly.  Start your Trail from the location provided anytime within the next 30 days.

Cryptic clues are sent directly to your mobile.  Follow the clues to find the answer and text it back to receive the next clue.  Don’t worry if you get stuck, you can receive help at any time.

Go to: http://crypticcities.com/trails.php to play


How long does it take?

Each Trail takes between 2 – 4 hours to complete (depending on how quickly you solve the clues and travel between locations!).  Each clue is within walking distance.  A rough guide is provided in the trail descriptions.  Trails have 10 – 16 clues.


Taster clues

To give you an idea of the experience, here are a couple of example clues from our Trails…

“Head W on Hitchcock’s Highway.  Descend the chasm, until you notice ammo that’s all the rage on your L.  What are in front of the windows at number 16 and 18?”

“Remove this nearby wharf from CAKY BLACK HORSE to reveal an ocean creature.  What is it?”


Life is the sum of your experiences…make them fun!

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