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How to Plan the Perfect Children’s Party in Sydney

Stuck for fun, new ideas for your child’s next birthday party?  Well how about this?…

Children love having fun outside…

Children love mobile phones…

Children love games…

…and, Cryptic Cities has combined all three into one great experience!


What is it?

Cryptic Cities is the perfect party experience for children aged 4-10 years old.

Kids can explore the beautiful Botanic Gardens or beachside suburb of Manly, with these kids edition Trails from Cryptic Cities.

They can solve puzzles, follow clues and search out the answers that guide them on a fun and educational day out.  Kids will love using the mobile phone to receive and respond to the clues by text message.

There are 10 or 11 clues, with one or two breaks (and toilets) along the route half way around, so they can take their time or race around as a competition.


10 great reasons why this is the perfect children’s party idea in Sydney…

1. Stuck for a last-minute idea? You can book and start straight away

2. It’s cheap – at only $20 per team, with 4 kids per team, that works out to be only $5 per child!

3. You can take a picnic to eat at the end or stop off enroute at a designated café stop

4. There is a break half way around on all Trails so there is always the opportunity for a toilet break!

5. Kids Trails take around 1.5 hours (or quicker as a competition) so it’s the perfect length of time to keep them entertained

6. It’s a unique experience, and one they’ll keep talking about for years afterwards

7. Kids love competitions and prizes – you could set it up as a competition and hand out prizes at the end

8. Kids will love using your mobile phone to text back the answers – for once you want them to use it!

9. It’s educational as well as fun

10. Everyone gets the explore somewhere different, adults will love it too


How to set up the children’s perfect party…it’s so easy…

1. Go to www.crypticcities.com/trails.php?trail_cat=Kids

2. Select the Kids Trail that suits you best

3. Ideally teams consist of: maximum of 4 kids per team with 1 adult and 1 mobile phone – so set up the number of teams that suits your party size

4. You will be sent a confirmation to your email and mobile phone numbers immediately. Start your Trail from the location provided anytime within the next 30 days

5. Pack sunscreen, water, snacks or a picnic for the kids, if you like. That’s it, you’re all set to go!


At the start location…

1. Text START to the mobile number provided

2. Receive your first clue

3. Follow the clues to find the answer and text it back to receive the next clue

4. Don’t worry if you get stuck, just text HINT to receive help solving the clue


Don’t have a birthday coming up, but love the sound of the Trails?

You can do the Trails anytime and for any occasion.  It’s the perfect way to keep kids entertained on weekends or school holidays too.  There are even Trails tailored to adults too.


Get in touch

If you have any questions on how to plan the perfect children’s party, please don’t hesitate to get in contact info@crypticcities.com  With a bit of notice, for a larger party, we can even design a tailor-made Trail for you.  Just ask us for our pricing.

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