A fun new way to explore your city

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How it works

Choose a Trail

1) Select your Trail and enter your details online

2) Receive your welcome email and text instantly

3) Start your Trail from the location provided anytime within the next 30 days


Follow the trail of cryptic clues

1) At the start location, text START to the mobile number provided

2) Receive your first cryptic clue

3) Follow the clues to find the answer and text it back to receive the next clue

4) No worries if you get stuck, just text HINT to receive help solving the clue

Guide to texting on the Trail

You text… Cryptic Cities will respond with…
The correct answer the next clue
The incorrect answer a hint and will provide the opportunity to guess again
A 2nd incorrect answer to the same clue the correct answer and the next clue
Hint a hint to that clue

What are you waiting for?

Simply choose a Trail and start playing today